Let Us Spruce-up Your Space for Spring!

We are currently offering a “Spring Special” to spruce up your space…with what you already have!  For $500, we’ll come to your house for 3 hours and “work with what you got” to improve a room in your home.  We’ll provide a fresh new look for your room by re-arranging the configuration of the space (moving furniture and rugs around) and re-decorate with the accessories and decor items you already own.  You’ll be amazed at the (big) changes that will happen with the items you already have. A new perspective is certainly refreshing for spring!  We’ll also leave you with a “suggestions” sheet on what you should consider purchasing/doing for your space in the future to continue improving it (ex. change paint color, purchase bigger area rug, etc.) Please call us at 972.393.1314 to set-up your appointment.

These pictures are not professional by any means, but it will give you a good idea of what we can do to improve your space with the things you already have!

Bookcases Before…

photo 1

Bookcases After…



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Color Consult with Raedean

Picking out the right paint colors for your home can be a difficult and stressful process.  We’d love to help you with this, so you’re sure to make the right choices before you spend a lot of money to have your home painted. Paint can make a huge impact in your home…and it can also be a disaster if you pick the wrong color(s)!  For $200, Raedean will come to your home (with color books in hand) for a one hour color consultation to help you with selecting…

  • Wall color(s)
  • Ceiling color(s)
  • Woodwork color(s)
  • Cabinetry color(s)
  • Color placement (paint start and stopping points)
  • Faux finishes, etc.

Please call our office at 972.393.1314 to set up your color consult.

*If your consultation exceeds one hour, a $75 charge per 30 minutes will apply.

What color is trending for spring?? GREEN!







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